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Erimus Chambers - Public Access (Direct Access Barristers)

Following key changes in the law in 2004, members of the public, professionals and companies can instruct a barrister without the use of a solicitor.

Anyone can now go directly to a barrister without having to involve anyone else (e.g. a solicitor). The barrister's role remains essentially the same as when they are approached by a solicitor or another intermediary. Barristers can advise you on your legal status or rights. Barristers can draft and send documents for you and can represent you in court, tribunals or mediations. Barristers can also negotiate on your behalf and can attend employment or investigative interviews and hearings where appropriate.

Guidance for Lay Clients here

There are barristers in our set who have undertaken training in Direct Access and are experts in motoring law, criminal law, family and civil law who can assist with the following:


Using a mobile device while driving
Failing to provide driver information (s172)
Driving without due care
Driving without insurance
Dangerous Driving
Permitting someone to drive without insurance
Drunk in charge
Traffic Light and Road Sign offences
Drink/Drug Driving
Other endorsable Road Traffic offences

Exceptional Hardship
Totting Up Bans
Special Reasons Arguments
Appeals against Sentence - CROWN
Appeals against Conviction - CROWN
Re-opening of a case under section 142

We usually can help with all motoring offences.


Magistrates Court Trials
Magistrates Court Mitigation
Crown Court Trials


Child - Contact
Child - Residence
Child - Care
Child - Abduction
Domestic Violence

Legal Advice

Written Legal Advice - Family & Children Matters
Written Legal Advice - Civil Matters
Written Legal Advice - Criminal Matters

All information is available in alternative format upon request


If your enquiry is about a criminal or family law matter, you should first check if you qualify for Legal Aid and consider whether that is a more suitable avenue for your needs. You may wish to seek advice from a solicitors firm first.

The following general terms of service apply:
Barristers will charge either a fixed fee for a piece of work or an hourly rate depending on the nature of the work. Upon acceptance of the work the barrister and the client will enter into a contract, setting out precisely what work will be done, the fees for the work, the time it will take and (if applicable) any deadlines. Barristers fees will be charged according to their level of experience, the complexity of the case and/or the amount of time involved. All fees will need to be paid in advance.

Fees for paperwork and conferences will be fixed in advance of the work. Where that is not possible, an estimate will be given. Where fees are agreed in advance of the work being completed, the barrister will require the fee to be paid before carrying out the work.

If, when finding out more about the case, the barrister considers the work that is proposed will take longer than the time agreed, the barrister will contact you to arrange and amend the contract. Timescales for work will vary depending on the type of work.

Members of Chambers will most often charge fixed fees but may charge hourly rates, please see below table of estimate of fixed fees as a guide. The estimates exclude VAT, but please note that VAT will be charged if the barrister is VAT registered. Please note that these are estimates only and the fees may be higher than below depending on your case.

Drafting                    £75 to £300
Conference              £250 to £900
Hearing Motoring     £750 to £1500
Hearing Family         £900 to £3000 

Typical Key Stages (depending on case - not all stages are necessary)

1.Conference (either at Chambers or via Video Link) - £400 to £900
2.Representation at Magistrates Hearing - £500 to £1500

1.Conference (either at Chambers or via Video Link) - £400 to £900
2.Written advice (if required) - £500 to £1500
3. Directions Hearing - £750 to £1500
4. Case Management Hearing - £750 to £1250
5. Final Hearing - £2500

NB Our barristers do not conduct litigation - all litigation will need to be completed by the client - our barristers can advise on this, but do not have conduct of litigation or go 'on record' for the client
Trial bundles will need to be prepared by the client - our barristers can advise on this


Court hearings for a financial order tend to take six to twelve months. This does not include possible appeals.

Timescales for our services may vary depending on factors such as barristers’ availability, the complexity of your case and the need for additional documents. As a guide, written advice on your case will be available within two to four weeks where possible. You may also need representation at short notice. If so, please contact the clerks and our barristers will aim to represent you at the hearing where possible.

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